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SAHRR 2021 Last Round Celebration

GOTCHA. Okay, I have some personal business to share before I tell you about the last challenge of the Stay at Home Round Robin. Yes, today is my birthday. Mr. Mouse and I were celebrating this occasion, but he has a math problem for you. (I’m not telling my age. But I will give you a clue. I have a 12 year old grandson.) If you like math problems, chew on this: The first integer of my current age times the second integer plus 20 will give you how old I turned today. Good luck!

Now to the quilt top. At the end of the last round I had added log cabin squares to each corner. It looked like this:

Quilting Gail told us to add pinwheels.

SAHRR – Round # 7 ‹ Quilting Gail ‹ Reader —

I was happy to hear that because I like unity in my work. The center block has a sort-of pinwheel, and now I can echo that shape in the final border.

Of course, I had never made a pinwheel square before. Here is my first one.

The technique I chose was quick, but I ended up with bias edges on all sides of my pinwheel. This meant I needed to be very Careful Not to Stretch them out of shape. And I had 31 more to make, if I wanted the pinwheels on all sides.

Long story short, after careful cutting and lots of spray starch, the pinwheels were done. I sewed them into a border and attached the border gingerly to my quilt.

Close up of corner

My finished top is 60 inches square. I’m so pleased! Now I have until March 29th to get it quilted and bound before uploading images to the last link party. I also need to give this quilt a name. Two different thoughts come to mind:

  1. The spinning pinwheels, the combination of hot and cold colors and the scattered stars suggest to me “The Expanding Universe.”
  2. On the other hand, when I studied the patterns and shapes, I think of ancient maps, at a time when the far reaches of the earth were unknown. “The Earth is Flat.” or “Here be Monsters.”

I’d love to hear your choices. Also, anyone who does the math and guessed my age will receive a hand-painted postcard.


One of six children, I was raised by a busy mom, who instilled in me a love of fabric. Though I learned to sew and knit at a young age, it was the arrival of my first grandchild that pushed me into action. A long-time knitter, I am now ready to explore all things fiber.

9 thoughts on “SAHRR 2021 Last Round Celebration

  1. I worked it out! You are 35! 3×5=15+20=35 😁. It’s that or you are 68 but I’ve seen you on the Skype calls and I’m sticking with 35 😁. The quilt is lovely and I like the name expanding universe, especially as there’s the slight spinning feeling in the middle and the stars around the border.

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  2. My rusty Math Major skills from my long ago College Days engaged and went thusly:

    So, iff (‘if and only if’ – only math term I can type in the comment without using special symbols) you were 47 before your b-day, that implies 4×7=28+20=48 the age you turned ON your birthday. Making you 36 when you became a grannie and implies you were a young Mother.
    OR more likely: 6×8=48+20=68.
    I’ll have to remember this for when I reach that age in two years!
    I tend to make others ‘work’ at figuring out my age, too…so this was lots of fun for me.
    As to the quilt top – it turned out fantastically well. I am surprised since there was such ‘busyness’ of the borders given in the round-robin. It should finish up more easily since you already quilted the center…Can’t wait to see the 100% finish on this!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the math puzzle. You are right about the busyness. I knew I was in trouble after the checkerboards. But the extra-wide and relatively plain expanse of pale blue did the trick.

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