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Toddler Jacket Finished, on to Socks

It’s Christmas in July, based on the appearance of this toddler jacket. Because there were only two skeins of green yarn, I was forced to make contrasting cuffs and collar using cream colored yarn. The result is a garment that might be found on one of Santa’s elves.

Thankfully, toddlers are rarely fussy about clothing. I feel confident the jacket will be deemed acceptable by my two-year-old granddaughter.

Detail of cuff and pleats.

It was a fun and a quick knit. Here is a link to the pattern:

Now I can turn my attention to socks. I have these yummy yarns from Knit pick

The Capretta is a cashmere blend that is incredibly soft. This will be made into socks for hubby. I haven’t yet decided who will get the socks made from the Felici self-striping yarn. Perhaps someone in my daughter’s family.

Everyone deserves to have a least one pair of custom-knitted wool socks. It is one of the secret luxuries of life not easily available to most people, and totally appreciated by those fortunate enough to be loved by a knitter.

A jacket in the style of Santa’s elves? Well, you must have a strong fashion sense to pull off that look.

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Garage Sale Yarn

About a week ago, my friend Kathy suggested we visit a church garage sale because she knew there would be yarn.  After perusing the options, I chose these.


There were two skeins of the green Vanna’s Choice and one of the cream color Bernat cotton blend.  $1 each.  I had been looking for some bulky yarn to use in making this funky toddler coat.

070920 Petite Panache

Pretty cute.  It is offered by Megan Jones of

Since the green did not have enough yardage to complete the size 2T version, I plan to use the Bernat yarn for cuffs and collar.  Here is what I have knit so far:


Does this color combination suggest anything to you?  To me, it looks like the beginnings of a Christmas elf costume.

While I’m not sure how I feel about that, I will continue knitting.  It amuses me to think of my granddaughter as an elf.

So far, the hardest part was pleating the lower edge.  The rest of the coat will be knit up with a raglan sleeve-yoke construction.  The collar is picked up and knit down from the neckline.  I should be able to finish within the next week.