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Friday Finish: Creation Wall Quilt

Today I’m showing the finished wall hanging that I made based on a 13th century illuminated manuscript. The project got its start when I wanted to try out my new watercolor pencils on fabric. This link shows the original artwork that inspired me.

After getting the blocks sewn together, I quilted the sections in a dark blue thread. I was proud that my free-motion quilting skills were proficient enough to make swirls, wiggles, spirals, shapes and lettering.

Most of the fancy stitches were done on the pale grey fabric. In each of the four cardinal compass points, I stitched images that were in the style of those found on the medieval manuscripts. That style is typified by drawings of flowers, animals and figures worked into lots of filigree lines. I love the flat imagery and the primary colors used by the artists of the time. They were simple monks living a simple life.

The giant focal point, God’s eye, is sewn with spirals: symbol of the cycle of Life.

This quilt done, I can now focus my time on the Stay-at-Home round robin quilt. Right now I’m working diligently on a large number of flying geese blocks. If I stick to it, the border will be finished in time to post to the Linky party before it closes.

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SAHRR 2023: Start with a Found Object

Last May I was engaged in the task of clearing out my mother’s sewing room. It was a sad but wondrous one. Almost forty years of accumulated objects, tools, machines and materials were stashed in every closet and corner of a tiny room. These included dozens of unfinished objects which were hidden in other rooms. In one closet I found draped over a hanger, rows of scrappy blocks – about sixty of them. She must have worked on this quilt over a period of years. It seemed very close to completion, so I brought it home with the idea of finishing it.

As I spread out all of the rows and loose blocks, I noticed that many blocks were not squared up. Some blocks were bigger than others. Some rows looked fine, others much shorter. (??.) Stymied by this discovery, I put the quilt away.

Now it is January and time for another Stay at Home Round Robin project. Led by Quilting Gail, this game is played by starting with a block, and then adding rows to it as clues (suggestions) are revealed weekly. I decided to get the scrappy blocks out and do something with them.

I disassembled some rows and organized the blocks by size and value. After a bit of pondering, I concluded that supporting fabrics for this quilt needed to be neutral solids. Purchasing a range of grays, I added a bright yellow batik print from my stash.

My plan is to create a value gradation starting from the center and working outward. The bright yellow will serve as a unifying sparkle for the design. Getting started, I chose four blocks that contained mostly pale colors.

To unify these four, I removed one corner from each, sewed on a triangle of yellow and assembled the blocks into a square.

My finished block will measure 15 inches. It is positioned on point to emphasize the many triangles that seem to catch the eye.

Now let’s hope the SAHHR team doesn’t throw me any CURVES!

To learn more about Stay at Home Round Robin 2023 and to play along, here is your link.