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[Self] Censorship

Self portrait

This week blogger Sharon Mann’s post of masked women reminded me that I wanted to make a fiber piece on this same theme. The idea of self-censorship pokes into my brain from time to time. When does one decide to speak no more? Am I adding to the rattling noise of empty voices flooding the air? Am I speaking just one sentence too long? Is anyone listening? Or are we all talking to and about ourselves?

Then there is another take on the phrase: It could be : Say, “No More!” It’s time to demand that indifference and injustice cease.

To see Sharon’s work, visit:

Later…. I shared this fiber object with my friend Kathy. She allowed her photo to be taken wearing the mask.

She also had some good suggestions on how to make this mask into one that could actually be used by people who need to wear them for health reasons.